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Every day there are literally hundreds of home owners that are looking to sell their house quickly in a market that is currently favoring buyers, not sellers. None the less home owners still need to get rid of their house in a matter of a few months, and in some extreme cases within a couple of weeks. The problem is that in most markets across the U.S. like the San Antonio TX real estate market, buyers have their pick on not only the size and area of the house that they are looking to purchase, but also the price. For this reason, sellers are having a very difficult time liquidating their home in a timely manner. So, the home owner really only has just a couple of options as we see it:

1) They Can Seek out Investor Cash Buyers for an offer:

Should the owner of the house decide to want to sell the house the absolute quickest way possible, with the least amount of headaches imaginable, then he/she should opt to begin looking for a “we buy houses” type of investment company that can help them. When contacted, they would be more than willing to make an appointment (usually the same day), to come out to the property, evaluate it, make a cash offer on the spot, and then close on the house in a matter of only a few short weeks. If the home owner does not live in the greater San Antonio area, then they can look at the interior and the exterior. Another thing you want to make sure you know is that whether or not the house is located in a great neighborhood and the types of people living in the area. You also look into the School Districts. Another thing you look into is the location of the house and its accessibility to the other places and establishments. As investor you need to know all these so that you will know whom to target when its time for you to sell the house you bought.


2) Another thing that you need to look into is if the house is vacant or occupied:

Yes, this matters because such will affect the saleability of the house too. Believe it or not there are some house buyers who want to buy one that’s not been vacant for a while and there are also those who want a house that was vacant. So being an investor, what would you choose? A house that is vacant or a house that is occupied or rented. The answer can be either depending on the type of real estate investing you belongs and the type of people or house buyers you market. We buy houses san antonio all the time, so we know that if you want to buy a house that is in bad shape so that you can put money into it and market it at retail value, then you might want a house that is vacant. If you want to buy a house and at the moment you cannot afford a house repair yet and the house you bought is for investment, then you might want to consider buying a house that’s currently been rented. Yes, there are landladies and landlord out in the market searching for buyers of their house and more often than not these people usually allows investors to buy the house and even take over the rental business. Now if you are one that wants to buy or sell a vacant house, lets take a look at some of the good and bad things about vacant houses. If you buy house and you intend to resell it without adding furniture, leaving it vacant will attract buyers because the rooms tend to be larger and more spacious, this will allow buyers to envision themselves and where their furniture will be placed.  Go to: houzz.com to find more info about room sizes. When a house is vacant, it is also easier for you to see the types of repairs needed especially when it comes to the physical aspects of it. With furniture, it will be hard for you to determine the repairs, as these will cover it.

3) Seller’s Know more about the Property than anyone else:

So if you are a seller, this will enable you to detect repairs before potential buyers can, this will avoid bad first impressions. Another good thing about dealing vacant houses is that whenever you have sold it, you do not have to deal with having to transfer stuff to another place, once the sale is closed, the new owners can immediately furnished it without having to deal with the hassle of having to wait till everything moved outside the house. These are just few of the good things when dealing with a vacant house. It’s always a good idea to follow what the professional house buyers do.  It seems that those “we buy houses” companies, especially the ones out in San Antonio, TX, have a certain process that they use to determine if the house is a good deal in it’s current condition or not.  There are good and bad sides of this dealing so as investor, seller or buyer, you must know where you are and what’s best for you by doing knowing your market buy doing a research.

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