My Visit to Texas last week

Well Last week (8/22/2014) I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to go around the world yet again and visit a city and state in the United States that I’ve always wanted to visit.   Sure, I know that I’ve been to some of the most sought after destinations in the world, but this time, I wanted to visit a place that we read about in books, and tell our kids at bedtime.  I wanted to visit a place that was unique.  A place where the cars, houses, land, ranches, and everything thing else is BIG.  Texas, a place where the blue bonnets flourish, and the longhorns thrive.

So, I flew into the SAT airport in San Antonio, TX to begin my journey.  I got a quick bite to eat, then off to some of the city’s attractions that it had to offer.  I started by first going to six flags fiesta Texas.  The staff there really made me feel at home in every sense of the word, but that’s just it, I wasn’t’ at home, I was in an amusement park that rivaled even the largest in the nation.  I rode the rattler roller coaster as well as most of the water rides.  I played many of their carnival games that are housed under a shaded canopy, so that the brutal San Antonio sun doesn’t bake the people as they enjoy themselves.

I enjoyed San Antonio, TX so much that I decided to drive throughout the city the following day, to see what the neighborhoods looked like compared to my hometown.  I was immediately intrigued by how diverse the city is, with it’s wildflowers running rampant throughout the highway medians, and the historic features of some of the houses in the historical districts.  I ended up liking the city so much that over the next few days, I realized why so many  we buy houses investors in this market are snatching up the real estate in this city of nearly 1.4 million people.  No wonder it seems that every time a house hits the mls here, it sells within a really short period of time.  It’s because San Antonio really has a lot to offer it’s residents other than just the typical attractions of a typical town.

Also, it’s worth noting that San Antonio, has been ranked as one largest cities in the United States, and hit also has a large population of military here, because of the many bases that are located in this city.

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